Monday, February 27, 2012

Arthur gave the boys a lesson in making pizza crust one Sunday evening.

Arthur and I went to Kenora for the weekend
to visit some people we love there.
We had a lot of fun visiting, eating
and watching and holding the baby!

There was no need to say "Sleep Tight"
to this little one.
She was sound asleep!
For Valentine's Day we made a heart-healthy,
heart-shaped meal for Arthur's parents.
Salad with heart-shaped peppers with a low-fat,
low-sodium Dijon honey yogurt dressing.
Venison meatloaf with tomato sauce served on a bed of brown rice.
Another name for venison is "hart" or "deer";
we had lots of puns going around the table.
Steamed broccoli with heart shaped carrots.
Heart-shaped chocolate waffles
with strawberries, yogurt and chocolate sauce.

We all ate heartily - pun intended.