Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Our meal for the month of August with Arthur's parents was a picnic,

which we had in our back yard.

The road trip was a great time for bonding and togetherness.

We took 3 days getting there and 3 days coming home.

This is a lot of the kind of scenery we saw through Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

We travelled 5,020 km from our garage to Vancouver and back to our garage!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Dad and Mom!

We rented a cottage on the Okanagan for a week and spent lots of time hanging out together.

We looked at old pictures...

(This one is of Oma, mom and Karla at the beach in Jamaica.)

We cooked together....

(Here we are making roll kuchen.)

We had theme days where we decorated and ate food from the various countries Mom and Dad have lived.

Sometimes we dressed up...

(Jamaican and Nigerian costumes, below.)

In the first picture of this post, Mom and Dad are wearing their Ethiopian finery.

Not all our activities related to the anniversay.
We also spent hours hanging out on our brother-in-law's boat...

We got our eyes checked by our favourite optometrist....

We dyed Erik's hair blond on Arthur's birthday

The end result -- a new look for Erik

Below: Arthur having breakfast with his sons on his birthday.

Karla had recently turned 40 so we maked that in various ways -- One way was a mobile for her deck.