Sunday, September 06, 2015

Guess where we went today?

The pyramids!  Our new people needed to see, feel, and experience the pyramids of Giza.

But first, here's another photo of us in front of the pyramids -- taken today.  We seem to be covering up Khufu's pyramid, but at least you can see part of Khafre's. 

Now for the group:

Some of us wanted to ride camels.  
Others felt that they DID NOT WANT to ride camels.  
There were very strong feelings both ways.

Our group of four camel riders off in the distance....

That was the last picture we took today because then the camera battery gave out.  So no photos of the embalming temple, the sphinx, our shwarma lunch, felucca ride on the Nile, metro and taxi ride or any of the other adventures we had.  It is a fitting last photo as they ride away...
-------------- BONUS PHOTO --------
Except I want to leave you with a photo of Arthur jumping.  Our guide went to great lengths to get some of us to jump on cue in front of the pyramids.  They counted "3, 2, 1, Jump!" We have such a slow camera that I had to click on "3"-- not on "jump".  Needless to say, the group jumping didn't work out, but I managed to get Arthur in the air.  He almost jumped out of the photo! 

(Yes, we are still having fun!)