Friday, May 22, 2009

Small Signs of Spring

There have been a few signs of spring in our neighborhood and our lives.
Conrad is on a soccer (football) team.  He plays for a local community club team and he wears the lucky number 13 jersy.  Some of the games have been really cold (6 degrees C) and windy with rain.  When I complain about having to watch in the bad weather, he goes on and on about how hard it is to play in that weather.

Today after the game, at supper he asked, "Doesn't anyone care if we won or lost?" Arthur said, "That doesn't matter.  It's how you play and whether you enjoy it or not that counts."

In case you care or are more competetive than our family around the table, his team is on a winning streak and today they won 10-2. 

Notice how the trees don't have leaves yet.  All of these pictures were taken today -- May 21st.  We are quite disappointed about the weather in Winnipeg.  We didn't remember that the cold continues on for so long into May and potentially June.  When it was February we expected cold, wintry weather but by now in May, we were expecting warmer weather and more summery conditions.
A friend from church gave us her barbeque and so now we are grilling outside and doing our best to pretend it is warmer.

We miss Laos and Lao weather!

PS:  Sorry about the long gap without any postings.  Arthur's father is in the hospital after taking a fall and cracking the bone next to the tailbone.  We go to visit him as often as we can.