Tuesday, March 08, 2011

We went skiing!
We got a long weekend in February so we went out to Asessippi
with some friends for a ski holiday.

The boys had never been skiing before
and they did quite well.
The weather was really cold - like -25 with a wind
in the morning but got to a high of -18 C.
Conditions were pretty good otherwise.

Arthur skied the first day and by noon we were already
calling him "Black Diamond" Mann!
On the second day he opted to stay
in the lodge and knit. He's working on a cable-knit
sweater where the cables change color -- something that's
known as "Black Diamond difficult" in the knitting world.
One evening we went to the Prairie Grill in Inglis and
the boys had the Prairie burger.
We have never seen such big burgers! And they were
We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Russel and found the town
to be interesting. We'd go again, but maybe stay somewhere
else for night.....