Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Road in Winnipeg

The neighborhood near the boys' school.

Phyllis on the Road

I spend a large part of each day in the car as a taxi driver and so I decided to post some photos of the routes I take. Arthur does some of the driving but there is still quite a bit left for me.

Our route takes us from home throught downtown to drop the kids off at school. Then we go back through downtown and head south to Arthur's work. From there, I head home or run some errands. My afternoon route takes me back to the school and then I take the kids home. Arthur gets picked up at 5 and then we are all home for supper. Usually someone needs to be somewhere in the evening.

We are really lookind forward to living close enough to the school so that the boys can walk. That will cut down on the driving a lot!
Leaves of Gold
In Thailand we saw some trees on temple grounds where the leaves had been individually crafted out of gold-colored metal and hung on a tree. In Canada, for part of the year, the leaves of some trees turn naturally gold. It's free and beautiful.

First Day of School

It was over a month ago but finally here is a photo of Conrad and Erik on their first day of school.