Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas
From Our House to Yours

We wish you the Peace and Joy of Christ

this Holiday Season

And Throughout the Year!

We've got highlights from 2010 collected on this site.
Take time to look through to see what we've been up to.

Monday, December 20, 2010

One of Arthur's volunteers had memorized this poem as a child and shared it with the group.

"In Winnipeg at Christmas"...

In Winnipeg at Christmas there's lots and lots of snow,
Very clean, and crisp and hard
And glittering like a Christmas card
Everywhere you go;
Snow upon the housetops, snow along the street,
And Queen Victoria in her chair
Has snow upon her snowy hair
And snow upon her feet.

In Winnipeg at Christmas they line the streets with trees-

Christmas trees lit up at night

With little balls of coloured light
As pretty as you please.
The people hurry past you in furry boots and wraps;
The sleighs are like a picture book,
And all the policemen look
Like Teddy Bears in caps.

And oh! The smiling ladies and jolly girls and boys;
And oh! The parties and the fun
With lovely things for everyone-
Books and sweets and toys.
So, if someday at Christmas you don't know where to go,
Just pack your bags I beg,
And start at once for Winnipeg;
You'll like it there I know.

- Rose Fyleman

Monday, December 06, 2010

November's Meal of the Month

French Canadian Food

Appetizers: Habitant Soup (Split Pea Soup)


Main Dishes: Tourtier


Green Peas

Dessert: Cream Puffs

NOTE: When I lived in Chicoutimi (a long, long time ago), there were numerous times when I'd get a "normal" meal like a hamburger or tourtier and just before I would get my plate from the cafeteria lady, she'd pour a large spoonful of mushy peas over everything. So we did that on this evening too.
Conrad Gets Baptized
This all happened in November. Conrad shared his testimony one morning in church and then he and some other people were baptized.

Later he greeted his friends.

This is the group of people involved.
Three of them are the pastors who did the baptizing.
Each person got to choose who would baptize them.
Conrad was baptized by Joel Toews, the Senior High Youth Pastor.