Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Patient Dish-Rag
(Pun Intended)

Did you hear that I have a pediatrician? A few weeks ago I went to my clinic to make an appointment with my family doctor. They told me she was no longer with the clinic so I asked where she went, thinking I might go along with her because I liked her. Apparently she has moved to Australia. So that was disappointing. I've always wanted to go to Australia but that seemed like strange motivation and all over an unwise move at this point. I likely looked devastated, because the receptionist then told me that they had a doctor who was taking her patients. However this new doctor was male.... and a pediatrician. Did I want to make an appointment? Well, knowing that it's hard to find doctors in Winnipeg who will take new patients, I made an appointment. I've seen this guy twice and he seems OK. Pediatricians need to study family medicine before they specialize so I'm hoping he hasn't forgotten all of that. I'm an old lady with old lady issues and body parts that kids don't have!

Yesterday I had an appointment with my pediatrician at 10:15 and because I had to wait about an hour for the previous appointment, I had brought my knitting to this appointment. I checked in and then sat down to knit. I started from the casting on (the beginning) and knit for over an hour and a half. I started and finished the dishrag in the photo above in the time I was waiting. At this point, I went up to the front and asked to re-schedule because I needed to go. The receptionist said that there were no openings for next week and after that the doctor would be gone for a month. We negotiated for a while. I was the fourth patient in line at this point! I went home for lunch, made lunch and ate it, came back, rearranged my health notes in my folder and by now it was 12:20. Finally I got called in, waited in the office for 5 min and finally saw the doctor!