Monday, February 16, 2009

No Maid Where We Live


We've had a maid for the last 6 years so this is new for us.   

Every Saturday we have a list of chores and divide them up while we eat brunch.  Then it's chore time.  I usually don't have time to take pictures but I did manage to get two of Conrad doing his chores. 

I remember housecleaning as a teenager and my mom getting quite upset when I didn't do as good a job as she would have liked.  Once she found me vacuuming without turning on all the lights in the room and she didn't like that.  Sometimes my sister would go downstairs and turn on the vacuum cleaner, leave it running and do something else.  Then she'd vacuum and turn it off.  That usually satisfied our mom because she had a set time that things should take and if you did it too fast, it wasn't good enough.

The other Saturday, I found Conrad in the semi-darkness, leaning his head against the corner of the wall and cleaning the carpet with the carpet sweeper in one hand. It warmed my heart to see him housecleaning.  I praise him.  But then I wondered to myself what my mother would have thought if she had seen it.  (It changes everything because Conrad is her grandson and in her eyes, he can do no wrong but it still made me wonder.)

Conrad is posing in this picture but it isn't too far from the truth!  He's in the front entry-way which is half unheated so we keep a pot of soup out there when the fridge is full.  We don't have an electric vacuum cleaner because I don't like them.  We use this very old fashioned thing without a motor.  It picks up hairs and fuzzes, is light and easy to store.  Plus it is completely silent.

 We are knitting again.

Here's the project Arthur is working on.  It's a design by Kaffe Fassett and it looks great in our sunroom.  Arthur just painted the walls of the sunroom in a color called "Louisiana Hot Sauce".

Here's the project I am working on.  It's a sweater-scarf set.  The scarf is about 2 meters long and you wrap it around your neck.  I'm about half-way finished the scarf.

 This is how it will look when I'm done.  (I hope!)