Saturday, June 27, 2009

A sure sign of summer is Sun Tea.


June 4-9 in Ottawa. The four siblings got together to celebrate a milestone. It was great to have this opportunity to spend time together.

Karl took Friday off to spend time with us doing touristy things in Ottawa. We spent the morning in the National Gallery and managed to get another look at the "Voice of Fire"

Parliament Hill was as busy as always. We didn't take time for a tour.

Checking out the wares in the market.

While Karl bicycled from Ottawa to Kingston the rest of us took a boat tour and castle tour in the United States. We had to go through immigration before embarking and after disembarking. It felt a bit odd having to explain to the officer on the wharf that we had just been on a boat tour for the last five hours, since it seemed fairly obvious.

This structure was the play house. A place to put on plays on the island.
Some of the main floor rooms had been finished, but most were still under construction. The castle had never been finished completely due to the death of the woman it was being built for. Over the years it stood vacant and was vandalized.

This is Karl on the actual birthday, two days after biking 180 kilometers. We just hiked up the mountain near their cottage.

Three of the four siblings at a roadside lookout. A good time was had by all.


Monday, June 08, 2009

We have some lovely blooming trees and bushes on our yard. Above is our chokecherry tree and below are some lilacs.  It’s been great to smell the wonderful scents they emit. 

We had a small supper party one Saturday evening with Dad at the rehab center where he is staying.  It was fun to do something different with him.  We all enjoy eating!

In my travels on the streets of Winnipeg, I got behind this vehicle with the licence plate saying "Knaczot".  I had to laugh because in Low German this means "crack seed" which is another name for sunflower seeds.   I've been eating a lot of knaczot as I watch Conrad play soccer so I can identify with this.   These people obvious really like cracking sunflower seeds,too!

Notice how the street is wet?  We really haven't had a very nice spring at all.  This was another cold, wet, rainy day in May.