Sunday, September 01, 2013

Going home

Everyone got up, had breakfast and came along to Heathrow to see us off.

Here we are with all our luggage in terminal 4. We finally got to use the extra bag we packed just for this purpose.

Just after take off we saw Windsor Castle. It's that white set of buildings which the greenway running vertically from the bottom of the picture leads to.

Our flight to Minneapolis was nine hours in duration. Arthur watched three movies. We were fed twice.
We were late in arriving in Minneapolis and had to go through immigration, collect our bags, go through customs, recheck or bags and then go through tight security, so had little time to make it to our gate. The gates couldn't have been further apart, so we got in a nice brisk walk to exercise some of those sitting-too-long muscles.

The boys picked us up at the Winnipeg airport and drove us home to a neat yard, clean house and semi stocked refrigerator.  
It's been a great vacation.