Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We had another late start leaving the house in the morning. Our first stop was a local Syrian shop where we bought baklava and falafel for supper.

The display case looks very tasty.

To buy ful beans we had to go to Tesco.

It's always fun to see what grocery stores look like in different countries.

We had lunch at an Asian fusion restaurant not too far from Teddington.

The town square is closed to vehicular traffic.

We took a short walk to the Thames to see some swans.

We also went shopping.  It's fun to look at other people's malls too.

We made a Sudanese supper which went over very well with the four of us who had been to Sudan.
Later we watched a BBC episode showing Michael Palin going through Sudan in 1992. This was also a lot of fun for the four of us who have been to Sudan.