Wednesday, August 21, 2013


After a continental breakfast at the hotel we went on a bus tour of the old city.  

We managed to get front row seats.

We saw all kinds of buildings and monuments such as this church.

After the bus tour we did a walking tour.  This is the Rathaus with the clock that has dancing figures on a turntable, but only dance three times a day. We went shopping and found that one store had prices we could afford, the rest are all designer name shops.

We toured a beer house.  Beer is very big here.

For a mid afternoon break we had weise wurst and a pretzel.

We toured the Residenzmuseum which was the king's living place.  It is enormous.  Here is the dining room (without tables and chairs). 

There is even a church in the palace, but it was destroyed during WWII. You can see the new brick work in the ceiling.

The palace seems to go on forever. 

For supper we went to Augustiner's which features Bavarian cuisine.