Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our day started with the Rijksmuseum. No line-ups when we got there at opening time, but this plaza was full of people waiting when we left at noon.

This is a photo looking the other way. We are using I Amsterdam cards to see all these places and behind Arthur is one of the big I Amsterdam signs. 

Here we are in the museum enjoying some of the art. 

The feature of the exhibition is the Rembrandt collection. The "Night Watch" is the master of masterpieces.  See below.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant. It was nice to warm up in the sun.

We spent the afternoon at the zoo. It has great gardens and they pack a lot into a small space. I love giraffes.

There's a butterfly house with butterflies freely flitting about all over. I managed to capture one on film.

We had supper right beside our room. We landed up spending the evening walking around the neighbourhood. We were going to go to an organ concert at the church near the hotel, but it was too expensive for us.