Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where are all the people? (Part 2)

Yesterday evening the weather was perfect as we were out for a half-hour walk.  We walk around our neighbourhood almost  daily so we have gone up and down these streets and back lanes many times.  To make the walk more interesting for me I decided to count the people I could see enjoying the lovely evening.  I decided not to count people who were walking between their car and a house or store because in my mind they were not really out enjoying the evening.  If I heard people but didn't see them, they didn't count.  Bicyclists, smokers, skateboarders, babies and cat-walkers all counted.  (We saw one cat-walker.)

1. At one point we walked 3 long city blocks without seeing anyone. 
2.  By the end of the walk I had counted only 57 people.  That is less than one person every 30 seconds!  

Where is everybody??