Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We arrived in good shape to start our holiday. We took the train from the airport. 
Our room wasn't quite ready so we wandered around the neighbourhood for a while. We are in the heart of the old city and we love it. 

Our rom is amazing -- more of a suite. We've got mattresses for 5 more people, a kitchen and living room. The most amazing thing is the view from our bedroom. Two walls of windows overlooking canals and streets. We are within sight of the central train station.  We'll work on some more pictures over the next few days. 

Our room is not part of the main hotel complex. To get to our place you have to walk around the block past St Nicholas church and up to the green door.   Just beside the steakhouse. 
Then it is up two very steep sets of stairs!

The man at the front desk asked us "How do you feel about stairs? Traditional Dutch stairs?" We told him we'd be OK.  (After all we packed light and we're only 50!) The stairs are pretty steep; we appreciate the handrail, especially going down. 

As a result of being away from the main hotel, we only get wifi at breakfast or when we hang out in the lobby.