Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stein and Bad Sakingen

Our first view of Switzerland during the day from Lukas's pool. We had breakfast poolside.

We drove down into the valley into Germany to walk about and shop for groceries. 

This is the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe which spans the Rhine. 

We toured through a cemetery which had some very interesting gardens in front of them. This was the most impressive stone.

There is a white line painted on the floor of the bridge telling which country you are in.  We are posing the German side, and you see Switzerland behind us.

The cathedral in Bad Sakingen is lavishly decorated.

For 40 euros you can look like a Bavarian maid.

We had a drink beside the Rhine before doing the grocery shopping.

This is why Europeans drink so much.  You can get a decent wine for 2 euros, which is cheaper than water.

We spent six hours at the poolside table eating continuously. The guy on the right had visited us in Laos, since then he has gotten married and had two girls (4 and 2). On the left are Lukas and Miriam Juan and Marcella beside Phyllis. Juan and Marcella are from Brazil so were speaking Portuguese; there was high German being spoken, as well as Swiss German and English, so plenty of translating went on.

The view from the pool is beautiful at night.  We have started calling it Lukas's resort.  I was informed that the windows have sound proof glass.  Hence the quiet night in bed after a day of partying.