Monday, August 26, 2013

Paris to London

After breakfast at our hotel we walked in the drizzle to the Metro stop. After the Metro we went through customs and waited in the Gare du Nord until we were allowed onto the train for London.

The trip to London only took two hours in the high speed train. We arrived at St Pancras station and had a late lunch before heading off to Waterloo station. That took two trains and a lot of stairs.

We had a few hours in the Waterloo station and then took another train to Teddington.

We walked out of the station in time to see our hosts running up the sidewalk to meet us.

Kate, Susan and Phyllis pose in front of their house.

Susan and the girls just arrived from the States a few hours before we arrived, so we took a walk in the neighbourhood to keep everyone awake. Sophie is taking a spin at a near by playground.  After the walk we had supper and did some more catching up.