Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The day got off to a slow start with doing laundry and discussing various day trip option, but by noon we were all ready to go.

Our first stop was Bushy Park and a walk through the woodland. Here the girls are demonstrating the crocodile tree.

It looks like we had the park to ourselves, but it was a Bank Holiday, so hundreds of families were out enjoying the fine weather.

We had a snack of sausages in buns.

Hampton Court Palace was our destination for the day.  It was Henry the VIII 's castle.

The castle is a great museum with people in period costumes doing all kinds of things like roasting big hunks of meat over a fire.

Kate and James in one of the alleys.

The great hall.

The wall art is made out of muskets and knives in this room.

I got to stand beside the king who was swilling actual beer.

We had fun getting lost in the maze.

The park is full of deer which are quite tame.

Back at home reading before supper.