Thursday, August 29, 2013


James gave us a detailed sheet with directions for today's sight seeing tour. The details were very helpful as we easily made our way around central London.  We took the train in to London, just the two of us.

Our major stop was the Victoria and Albert museum. They have a real diversity of things to see. 

One room was jam packed with what you see here.

The museum takes you through many stages of arts and crafts including fashion, cinema, drama and invention.

The inner court yard houses a pool which you may not swim nor sit in, but are allowed to paddle in. We aren't sure what they meant by that, but many children were sitting and swimming in it.

We tried to take a quick peek into the Natural History Museum, but there was a sign indicating the line was one half hour long, so we didn't wait around. From there we took the underground to Temple.

There is a Templer church hidden amongst a warren of barrister offices which was used as part of the setting for Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code". 

The church has beautiful doors.

Close by is one of the lesser known attractions.

There is a basement of a building full of bank vaults full of silver. If you collect silver, this would be your paradise. We don't, but it was still very interesting.  From there we walked through Lincoln's Inn and a park to our next destination. 

Covent Garden, which is more touristy, was our next stop. We didn't take any pictures of it for some reason so you will just have to imagine tourists, markets and cobblestones. 

We walked over the Hungerford Bridge on our way to Waterloo Station.

On the way we saw a bunch of mobile trees some of which are available for "adoption" - whatever that means.  We took the train back to Teddington and stayed the evening.

Our video for the evening was a recruiting video by Shell for people to work in Saudi Arabia. Our host is a star in it.