Friday, August 30, 2013

Outside London

In the morning we walked to a wool shop to see if there was any interesting wool to be found.  We decided there wasn't any and walked most of the way back to the house, but were picked up by Susan and the girls enroute.

We drove out into the countryside.

To Stonehenge. We walked on a path all around the ancient monument. 

The powers that be are making Stonehenge less accessible and in a few years the main entry will be about a mile away with a new visitor centre. 

After seeing this world heritage site we drove a bit further to Woodford.

We had lunch at the local pub - in this case called the Wheatsheaf Inn. We ate outside in the garden because they have a playground out there which the girls wanted to play in.

The town was not actually a tourist town.  People really live in thatched cottages.

We visited the local church, which was obviously actively in use even though the building is ancient.

Then we drove down the highway a bit further to Salisbury to see the cathedral. Just outside of the parkade is a big floral arrangement.

The Salisbury Cathedral wasn't too busy.

It is also in daily use by parishioners as well as tourists.

The cloisters were beautiful.  We also saw an original Magna Carta in the Chapter House - no pictures allowed there.

A detail of the wall around the cathedral complex.
The traffic back to London was pretty thick, but not too bad.  After an exciting day we ordered Indian take away and James showed off some of the strange artifacts he's received from working overseas.