Thursday, November 01, 2012

He's Recovering at Home Now

Arthur gave us a scare when he had stroke-like symptoms at my aunt's funeral last week.  
Here's the short version:
I took him to emergency and they ran a whole bunch of tests ruling out one thing after another, including a stroke.  In the end it was a small rip in an artery in his neck.  The best we can figure out is that it is a workplace accident that happened when he carried some heavy presentation materials on a shoulder strap.  
The treatment includes blood thinners which need fairly constant monitoring for the first few days so he needed to stay in the hospital for 4 days.

 Day 2:  Erik ran out to get a meatball sub which he and Arthur shared in the emergency area.   
 Later that Day:  Arthur got a room with the best view in the hospital.  It overlooked the parking lot so there was lots of coming and going.  I always waved at him on my way in and out.  (Sometime I blew kisses.) 
Even though the view was nice, it was hard for him to sleep in the hospital.  All the noise bothered him and his IV was very uncomfortable.
 On Sunday morning I brought him granola and yogurt for breakfast.  He didn't enjoy the hospital food!
On Monday morning he was discharged and came home to nap for 3 hours.  He would have napped longer but Bert woke him up because it was time to take his medicine.
 Now he's back home, reading in the sun room.
He'll go back to work on Monday, but no heavy lifting for a few months.
 Conrad asked for some pictures of his grandparents. (They came out for the funeral and stayed because of Arthur's situation.)  In the photo above, Grandpa is reading an email from Conrad out-loud to all of us while Grandma is sewing on an MCC project for the upcoming craft sale.   

Conrad also wanted to see the flowers that I bought for Arthur as a welcome home gift.  
Added bonus:  Grandpa in the background.