Thursday, September 27, 2012

Culture Shock by the Fire

The other evening, shortly after dark, I was driving past the Misericordia Hospital and there was a fire outside on the sidewalk with people gathered around it.  It looked like they were dancing.  I thought to myself that it was really lovely that this family could gather around the fire while their loved one was in the hospital.  I hypothesized that maybe they were cooking some supper for their hospitalized family member.   It was a familiar scene after living in other countries for so many years and it warmed my heart to see it happening in Winnipeg.

However, as I drove closer, I could see that one of those newspaper vending machines was on fire.  The people weren't dancing, they were fanning the flames with their jackets.  And, they were not big people; they were kids.  Mini arsonists, as it were.   I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do.  The light changed and I just drove on my way.  In retrospect, I realize I should have put on my flashers and honked and perhaps called the fire department and police.