Monday, September 10, 2012

And He's Off!

Conrad is off on his African Adventure -- except they don't go to Africa until mid-October.  Today they will be in Ontario at Pioneer Camp on a canoe trip.  Then over the next few weeks they will be in St. Boniface, Quebec City, Camp Peniel and Montreal.   

Erik and I joined him for part of the day at CMU. There was a program in one of the assembly halls and Conrad sat with his friend from High School who is off to Guatemala. (You can see Erik down at the end of the row.)

During the presentation, they made quite a few references to the Outtatown vans. Apparently, they will be sending A LOT of time in these vans!

Before lunch, they had all of the participants line up for a group photo. The photographer is up in the window moving people around. It didn't take long to get everyone in view and he snapped a few pictures. I'd like to see how they turned out....

We ate lunch outside in the warm sunshine and then Erik and I said "Goodbye" to Conrad. His next step was to fill out the application for the Burkina Faso visa.