Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Phyllis is in Chilliwack!
I'm going to a conference later in the week in Vancouver but in the meantime, I've come early to have some fun with my sisters and parents
On Sunday we went to Minter Garden for the buffet brunch and took a walk through the gardens. 
It was a lovely day!
Here you can see us through a wall of fallling water.  Every time I see this wall of water, I think of how great it would have been to have something like this in our yard in Sudan.  It was so dry there!  Of course it would have been nearly impossible to do without electricity and/or running water!

 We celebrated Cyndy's birthday which is later in the month.  She's holding a "card" with pictures of herself when she was a baby.  The bottom picture shows her at her first birthday.  The party was on her grandfather's farm.  The picture above shows her smelling a tulip at her grandmother's house in Winnipeg.  This was likely at Easter when she was about 18 months old.
 Karla bought some corn to blanch and freeze so everyone (except me) got in on the action.
 Mom's gift to Cyndy is a new tablecloth so we went shopping for that this afternoon.  Here it is on Mom and Dad's table while they calculate and measure.