Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Foray into the World Of Beauty

One of the participants in a program that I am involved with at work needed a model to help her with her esthetician exam recently.  This was her second attempt and for the first, her mother-in-law was the model.  She doesn't have many friends who are not in the industry so she asked me to be her "model".

At the time I agreed, little did I know, that what she really wanted was a "victim" or "guinea pig".  There were only four things she needed me to help out with.  Gel nails, acrylic nails, eyelash tint and evening make-up.   The gel nails worked out really well.  However, she ran out of time on the acrylic nails and managed to file off some of my skin and drew blood for them.  We don't think the examiner saw blood, but you never know.

The real fun began with the eyelash tint.  Before we began, she had told me that the reason she failed the first attempt was because her mother-in-law had "cried out" during the procedure.  So she said to me, "Phyllis.  Not a word.  Not a word."  So, I held my tongue.  It burned!  The examiner said that it was a non-toxic vegetable based tint that would not harm us.  Someone beside me said, "Vegetables.  Like onions!"  I cried as we waited the 10 minutes for the tint.

Then came the evening makeup and she did a fairly good job of that.  (The photo above is the practice round.)    The whole thing took all day.

I've still got the gel nails on 10 days later.  
I'm going to keep them as long as I can stand it because 
I'm NEVER going to have this done again.  I just know it!