Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Photos for Conrad

We were doing a bit of Fall shopping and who should we meet in his place of work, but Conrad's friend from High School.  We knew he worked there but it was fun to see him in action.  We ended up buying quite a bit.

Arthur is back at work fixing the damage done while he was gone.  Somehow the cupboards above the stove managed to come off the wall one evening while I was making supper!  I suppose I cook with enthusiasm and vigor so much so that the wall shake and cupboards come off the wall. Thankfully Erik and Conrad were both home at the time and could help with holding the cupboards up as we scrambled to get the contents out of them and take them off without doing any damage to the kitchen and ourselves.  

(This time around we found the studs.)

Everything is back to "normal" in the kitchen, Conrad - except you aren't here!

Update for everyone else:  
If all went according to plan, Conrad arrived in Africa sometime today.