Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome to MCC Resource Generation Water Tour

This week we at MCC Laos are hosting a resource generation tour. The focus of the tour is WATER so they will be visiting projects related to water for health (wells, latrines, health education) and for agriculture (irrigation, ponds, up-land rice research).

Most of the tour members are related to MCC in a direct way; they are board members, staff or volunteers. Each person on the tour will return to Canada or United States to give presentations which will raise money and awareness for MCC water projects all over the world.

On the first night, I (Phyllis) went with part of the group to the Lane Xang Hotel to listen to some traditional instruments. There are two professional musicians in the group who are interested in Lao music.

Here is Les singing "100 Miles" with the Master of Ceremonies and the Lao band.

Above is Joel discussing instruments with Fi, a musical friend of MCC.

The group's first stop is Laos and then they will proceed to Cambodia for a week.