Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Shopping and Preparation
We flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand on Nok Air.
"Nok" means bird in Thai so they paint all their planes to look like birds.
The airline provided umbrellas so that passengers won't get a suntan as they walk from the terminal to the plane. Thai people are very concerned about looking white. They don't want to get dark because then they look like peasants or day laborers who work in the sun.

Conrad helped with the shopping by carrying packages at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Arthur bought some wood carvings (mirror frames and a wall hanging) from the stall behind Conrad.

We spent some time shopping at this Hmong Ethnic Market as well.

Shopping wasn't the only activity we did. One afternoon, my mom and I (Phyllis) went to see a Christmas program at the blind school. One of Mom's friends is a seminary student (woman on the right) and she and a team came to talk to the kids about Christmas. My mom's friend is blind but the other seminary students aren't.