Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Christmas Prayer
for you this season
is that you may life to the fullest
....laugh from the center of your being your friends and neighbors more completely
....lose your way to find God’s way
....look at and recognize God’s hand in your life
.....listen to what God has to say to you
......light the way for others

There is a Lao saying:
“One piece of wood will not make a fence.”

This saying speaks to the power of community and working together.
Lao people might use the word “solidarity”
but we choose to translate it as “community.”
The saying tells us that on our own
we are powerless, solitary and vulnerable,
but when we work together towards a common goal
we gain strength and can accomplish things
we could not do alone.

Thank you for being part of our community this past year.
We look forward to working, living, laughing and loving
with you in the future.