Monday, January 28, 2008

Air and Mimi Are Married!

There was much rejoicing as Air from MCC married Mimi.

Many from the MCC community attended the church part of the wedding held on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday there was a baci at Mimi's house. This special Lao string-tying ceremony showers blessings on the new couple.

Phyllis tying blessings on to Air's arm. May he be a good husband to Mimi and may God bless their family!

In the evening we gathered at a restaurant on the Mekong with hundreds of their friends to wish them well.

Conrad and Erik found the evening too long and not their style of fun so they read their books as the festivities continued on around them. (You can see the bride and groom with their families lined up behind the boys.)

Arthur got to dance with the bride! Phyllis danced with the groom at the same time but unfortunately there isn't a photo.

Many blessings in the future, Air and Mimi!