Friday, February 13, 2015

Driving Around

Today was a momentous day:  Arthur got behind the wheel of the car and drove away.  So far we either walk or get chauffeured everywhere we go, so this was a big step.  It all went well.  We went to the Seminary to visit some friends, the supermarket and then home.  

The two biggest challenges are traffic and finding our way.  Today (being Thursday and the day before the weekend) there was lots of traffic so that means everyone has to go slow.  That was to our advantage because then we have lots of time to make lane changes and get our bearings. 

At one time we thought we were lost, but we kept going and it turned out that we were on the right track but we needed to go farther down the road than we expected.  If that makes any sense...

I'm not sure if/when I will get behind the wheel. I'm certainly not in a hurry to drive here. 

On one of the buildings that we frequently pass there is a sign that continuously updates the population of Egypt.  It is fascinating to see that as we sit in traffic, the population of Egypt is going up - one baby at a time. 

We think the building is the office of the Census  Bureau.