Friday, January 30, 2015

Learning to Read Signals

When grass starts to grow under your tires, it signals that you have parked in the same spot for too long. 

I needed to get an official letter from the Canadian Embassy, which is closed for security reasons, so I called the non-emergency phone number and got a recorded message telling me it was closed. I sent them an email and got a reply within 15 minutes telling me that "for this week" they were operating from the Cairo Conrad hotel and would be open two mornings from 9:00-noon. I went today and had my letter endorsed within 15 minutes.  That included the 3 different metal detector security checks that I went through. (I regretted wearing all my bracelets and my jacket with metal buttons!)

The sign reminded me of my very own Conrad. 

When you park your car on the street in your home neighbourhood, there is a person who comes around to wash and dust your car. As a signal to you that your car has been cleaned and that they would like to be paid, they leave your windshield wipers sticking out. 

Time to pay up, Arthur!

I got a very cool app specifically for Cairo that tells us about all of the restaurants in our vicinity. We were astonished to learn that there were some restaurants within 0.2 km of our flat. Sure enough, when you walk slowly and look down the alleys, you see some things that you otherwise miss. 

Tonight we had light and tasty shawarma.

It was tasty -- I'm not sure about the light, though.