Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I've got the Keys

...the keys to the kingdom.  
O, yes, I have.

Here they are:  These are only mine.  Arthur has a complete set like this of his own.  They weigh about 175 gm.

I don't know which key does what exactly, but in broad terms: The keys for our flat are in the top right.  The bottom set with the yellow Egyptian tag is for the office.  The third set is for the 2 guest flats.  The office set is numbered by the order that you use them on the way OUT of the office.  That is helpful if I need to lock up.  Then to unlock, I just use them in the reverse order.   To add to the challenge, the doors to all 3 flats and the office are in dark hallways.  I guess what I'm saying is that just because I have the keys, I may not be able to actually get in.

Update about our Travel:
We arrived in Cairo yesterday, on time, with all of our luggage.  Passport control and customs went without a hitch and Ayman was happily there to pick us up.

One of the first things we did when we got "home" was to make a pot of tea.  It served multipurposes: something to do to keep us awake, some thing to drink (after 2 dehydrating days of travel) and something to help WARM us up.  It  was plus 16 when we arrived and if you are a Manitoban you think that is warm, but in our flat it seemed really cool.

We are now at the stage of ths adventure where things are way more easily said than done.  "Let's have a cup of tea" turns into a search for tea, tea pot, pot to boil water, cups and a discussion about which water to use (filtered, tap or bottled?).   Then we try to get the stove to work.  Panic sets in as it smells like gas but isn't lighting.  We use the clicker and then matches.  Finallly it works. Poof.