Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chocolates, Rice, Signs and Oranges

Today we went to a chocolate shop to select party favours for the Partner and Friends Reception that we will host early next month. It took four of us to sample the quality of the chocolates. They were very good. 

The displays were awesome!

We also saw their chocolate hazelnut spread for sale in a handy tube. (You saw it here first.)

Then we headed to the department store nearby to buy a rice cooker. We know we've lived in Asia too long when we struggle to make rice without a rice cooker. 

Arthur's dad asked about street signs. Most of them are in English and Arabic. This one is from our neighbourhood, Heliopolis. 

Karla, who lived in Egypt for a year a long time ago, asked about whether it is orange season. 

YES!  The oranges are great and there are a wide range of varieties to choose from. We are getting our vitamin C!