Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Sweater With a Story

This story starts in late March of this year.  I scoured St Vital centre looking for a 100% wool sweater that I can wear when I'm cold. Really cold.  I still have the one I got 20 years ago at Costco. I used to wear it to work on days when I felt slightly sick and it comforted me. While it still is in good shape and the colors are nice, the style looks dated.

Most clerks showed me
 sweaters that have 0% wool and looked at me like I'm an alien when I repeat “100% wool”. Only one clerk at Northern Reflections understood but alas, she couldn't help me. They have a lot of cotton. I went home empty handed.

Then, one day last month, I found a soft black 100% cashmere wool
 sweater in my bedroom wardrobe and put it on. It felt so good I couldn't take it off-- it was magnetized to my body.  I had to keep it on until bedtime. Family members hugged me extra long because it felt so soft. I wondered aloud:  “Where did it come from?  Did I buy it at Value Village?  Did it belong to my grandpa? Is it finally official that I am going crazy?”

Finally, just before bedtime, Conrad remembered that my sister Cyndy gave it to him when he was in BC because she loved it but it wasn't quite right. He was in BC while we were in Europe so I'm guessing that he gave it to me while I had jet lag from Europe and the details slipped my mind.  I now get it out on days when I’m cold….like today.

I wrote Cyndy about it and she wrote back saying:  "Haha! I was reading your lovely story thinking, "she should get cashmere." And then you have that sweater! I forgot about it. I got it at VV and felted it (which is why it might be extra-warm). Then I couldn't bear to cut it up because it was perfect, but didn't fit me. I'm so glad you're wearing it!

Then, being the great sister that she is,  she gave me some sweater washing instructions.