Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ethiopian Food

For Christmas 2009, we gave Arthur's parents a coupon book with a theme meal for each month of 2010 in it. January's theme was Ethiopian food; we would deliver the complete meal to their home for them, the four of us and two of their guests. (Each month has different limits for number of people and the location -- depending on the complexity of the meal.)

In January, we shared injera and wat, along with Sudanese ful, on a Saturday night near the beginning of the month. It was a delicious success -- and enjoyed by all.

Our mouths are watering as we look forward to the next 11 months!!

NOTE: Conrad did get 16 cheques in the mail the week of his 16th birthday. They were all from his grandparents and aunts in BC. He was very thankful! He deposited them today.