Sunday, December 06, 2009

Progressive Supper

We were part of an International Student Progressive Supper again this year. Last year we had all men but this year we hosted women from China (plus their Canadian driver). Many students who come to Canada never make it into a Canadian home-- even if they are here for years. This supper is supposed to remedy that.

We were their first stop of the evening so we started them off with Wild Rice Soup and Butterhorn Rolls. I chose the wild rice because it is unique to Canada and something that perhaps they have not had before. That was the case this evening; some of the women had heard of it but most had never tasted it.

Conrad is learning to say "What is this?" in as many languages as he can and on this night he managed to get one more language (Mandarin) in his collection. I'm not sure how many he has by now, but he can ask it in quite a few languages.