Monday, July 20, 2009

EVERETT is born!

We are happy to announce a new cousin and nephew who was born in the wee morning hours of Thursday, July 16.

Here's a little bit about him: He's healthy and beautiful. He gurgles and squeaks. He smells great and he loves yawning, scrunching up his face and hiccupping. He seems to poke himself in the eyes rather a lot, but we're sure that is a sign of cleverness. He was over 7 pounds but we have forgotten just how small that is because he seems impossibly tiny. He is very well behaved and doesn't play favourites, unless he's hungry, in which case he only cares about his mother. He could possibly be the best baby in the whole world. And we are so totally not biased, you have to believe us.

He is a brother for Natalie and a son for Ian and Angela.