Monday, March 30, 2009

Manitoba in March

It's still winter in Manitoba and this week we had a really bad snostorm.  Also in the news is that the Red River is flooding south of us and that the flood waters are heading our way.  Our house is probably not in danger but we are only about 400 meters from the river so it will be interesting!

I drove out to Winkler earlier this week and the fields are flooded with melted snow.  The river flooding is slowed down by the low temperatures that came with the storm so people have had a bit of a break as we wait to see how high the water will go.

The new snow is beautiful.

Here are the boys going off to school.  These days the sun rises before they leave for school so they don't have to walk in darkness like they did in December and January.

Conrad learned to curl on Saturday.  
He was invited by his friend Scott to come out and curl with him at St. Vital Curling Club.   Curling is a great Canadian winter sport and this was the first opportunity that Conrad had to try it.  The team won their first game and then lost the second.  Good Try! 

Arthur is still working on the basement and making good progress.  It's a lot of work but he's doing a great job!