Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter is Still On Our Minds
The city is a mess and quite ugly these days as we are in the last few weeks of winter.  

When we are driving around, we look through smeared up windows because the streets are sometimes wet and we get splashed by other motorists.
Even the ice sculptures are looking sad as they start to melt.  This one is close to the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street which is said to be the windiest part of the city.

 Here is something I wrote in a letter on March 11:  

It is so cold here I was sure my face was freezing yesterday. I touched it carefully making sure it wouldn't crack.   It was so windy that when I walked out of the Convention Center, I couldn't breathe at all for about 10 seconds!  I was wearing a toque (wool hat) but had to put my hands over my ears because the wind was freezing my ears.  I was only outside for about 10 min because my bus came right away... but I was really happy to get on it. 

This morning they were saying with the windchill today it would be like minus 42!  

All things considered, winter isn't as bad as I expected.  I actually had remembered it as really, really unbearable -- like crying every night and deep senses of dread when going outdoors and I haven't really had that.  It's more like one day at a time.  

Sometimes it's sunny and cold.

Sometimes beautiful and cold.

Other times it is just COLD!