Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Highlights

Conrad went on a canoe trip with the youth group. They were out for 4 nights and had lots of fun and made many memories. We didn't send a camera along on that trip so all we can show is getting ready to go.

We also went to the lake in August to visit some friends who have a cottage
just over the border into Ontario.
We were there for what turned out to be the best weather
in the month of August.

My sister came to visit us. It was the first time for her to visit us in this house. She stayed for a few days and we had lots of fun catching up, knitting, cooking and going out. We almost had her convinced that she should move from Vancouver back to Winnipeg!

Below are the August birthday celebrants from Arthur's side of the family.

Arthur's brother stopped in on his way
as he motorcycled from Ottawa to Victoria
and back to Ottawa.