Sunday, December 06, 2009

MCC Manitoba
Craft and Bake Sale

There was a great turnout for the sale. It happened in conjunction with Ten Thousand Villages and their Christmas promotion.
Lots of people brought baked goods and lots of people came to buy them. I haven't heard the final count but they made a lot of money for AIDS kits.

Conrad and I sat at a booth selling kits (below). The focus this year was on health kits and AIDS kits. The health kits include a toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clipper, hand towel and soap all in a hand drawstring bag for $7. We were encouraging people to buy a few and in honor of their friends and family. They would get a card to explain the gift and the kit would go off to needy people all over the world. We were able to tell stories about giving out kits and how happy it made the recipients. We sold about 70 of those.

The AIDS kits are $140 and include sheets, towels, Vaseline, body powder, rubber gloves (for the care givers) and $100 which goes towards medicine and training for the health care workers. We didn't sell that many of those but that's OK because all of the proceeds of the entire sale went towards AIDS kits. We assured people that if they were buying crafts or baking it was going to a good cause.

Oddly enough, quilts didn't go that well at the sale -- and there were some beautiful ones. Not to worry: the team will box them up and bring them out for the Spring Sale. Quilts usually sell quickly in Spring.

Below are two quilts that need a special home.