Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Conrad Has A Birthday!!

He's 16 already!

There were 7 letters in the post for him on the day of his birthday and they were all from his relatives in BC. Each letter had a card in it or a picture of Conrad during his childhood. It turns out that each letter had a cheque in it for $16.00!!

Then, today, the day after his birthday, there were 7 more letters for him -- all with cheques. That makes 14. We somehow suspect that there might be 2 more letters out there to make an even 16, but we'll have to wait and see.

Arthur is still on Christmas/New Years holidays so he had time to make a super special supper in Conrad's honor: bar-b-qued ribs, rice, chicken drummettes, peas and Caesar salad. Conrad loves getting his fingers dirty when he eats meat from a bone so he was in heaven. For dessert Arthur made BFC (banana fudge cake), a family favorite.