Friday, July 04, 2008

One Last Party
with the MCC Laos Family

We had lots of fun on the day before we left when we met with the MCC staff and their families. We rented a restaurant located on the top floor of a building along the Mekong. There we played games, had an award ceremony , told stories and ate from a huge buffet.

SALTer of the Year Award - This year the award went to 3 totally wonderful women! It might have turned awkward if we had more than 3 SALTers but due to their outstanding qualities, they each were able to get the title.

The view from the restaurant which shows Vientiane and the Mekong with Thailand on the other side.

At the Airport

This is part of the group that was on hand to wish us well at the airport. We had good flights and arrived in Vancouver in good shape.

We left Laos on my 45th birthday (Phyllis) around noon and left Taipei around midnight. Shortly after take-off it was June 30th. Then, after we passed the International Dateline, it because June 29th again. Does that mean I'm 46?