Monday, June 09, 2008

Cabbages and Condoms

While in Bangkok last week Arthur, Rita and I went to Cabbages and Condoms for lunch. This restaurant was started by a Thai NGO concerned with HIV/AIDS, population and family size.
The restaurant was so named because the originators dreamed that one day, condoms would be as easy to buy as cabbages. Here’s what some of the literature says:

Cabbages are a common food in Northeast Thailand, in fact they are a staple part of the diet, they are grown in all villages, there are everywhere and everybody uses them. Now, if condoms could be as common and used as often, then some of the population and health problems facing Thailand could be overcome!

The artwork features condoms and birth control pills. Arthur is posing by Santa who is made of condoms. The restaurant houses [t]he world's largest collection of national brand condoms is displayed around the walls and the carpet up the stairs has cartoons of typical condoms for various trades and professions woven into the fabric.

Our lunch was great and instead of after-dinner-mints, we got some condoms.