Friday, April 18, 2008

The Countdown

We are counting down the days until our departure from Laos, not because we can't wait to go, but because we can't believe we are going and need to be reminded how little time there is left to do whatever it is we want to do before we go.

Here’s what we already have in place:

  • We leave Laos and arrive in Vancouver all on June 29

  • We arrive in Winnipeg on July 6

  • The boys will be going to MBCI in fall.

  • We’d like to buy a house that we can pay for which means we will not be living in the suburbs but more likely the core area. After having lived in a rather colorful neighborhood for the past 6 years, it won’t be a big stretch for us.

  • Arthur has a job! This morning he was offered a position with MCC Manitoba in their material resources section. We are excited about it.