Monday, March 03, 2008

Phyllis' Parents Come To Visit

Last week my parents came for a week from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We really enjoyed having them come again. While they were here we went about our daily routine of school and work but we also did a few special things like going out to eat at favorite restaurants. Also, Mom and Dad came out to Sangthong with us for a special event one day.
We played the board game Carcassonne and Conrad won (again!).

We went out for pizza. Here are the Pepsi drinkers....

....and on the other side of the table, the water drinkers.

Mom worked on quilting a border for a map table cloth that Arthur's mom gave me for my birthday last year. Last winter, Arthur's mom was shopping with Tante Liesel who encouraged her to buy it for me. So now when I look use the map table cloth, I can think of all 3 of them!