Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wedding of Joy
Joy, a woman who works in the restaurant beside our house where MCC people often go for lunch, got married on the weekend and Arthur and I went to represent MCC. Some MCCers asked me to take photos so I've decided to share them with everyone.

Joy's mother (in the middle) smiles at me. This is one hard-working woman who gets up early and keeps everything and everyone in line all day. Her daughters are equally hard working. She's happy to have a day off from running the restaurant.

As hosts, the bride and groom politely invited us to the buffet table after which the crowd, not so politely, swarmed the buffet tables. It was quite a spread and because it was a rainy evening, not many people attended so there was lots of food for those of us who came.

Joy's twin sister wasn't able to come to the wedding because she just delivered a baby and had to stay home with him. New mothers aren't allowed out for a few months. Joy and her sister are identical twins so all their life it has been hard for people to tell them apart. When they were first born, they were given the nicknames of "Skinny" (Joy) and "Fatso" (Touy) because one was slightly bigger than the other. Those names have stuck for over 29 years. Both women are thin as rails but one is still called "Fatso"!