Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arthur's Parents Celebrate

50 Years of Marriage

We arrived just in time to take part in anniversary celebrations for Mom and Dad's 50th which was on July 12. The main party took place 50 years exactly to the day -- as Dad pointed out, it was just a few minutes different from the timing of the original wedding.

The cake included a copy of Mom and Dad's original wedding photo.

It was a cool (13 C), rainy and windy day. The four of us from Laos were cool but the Manitobans took it in stride. More than one person commented that the stormy weather was a good metaphor for marriage and how people need to stick together in both clear and cloudy weather.

Natalie stole the show a number of times. Here she is with her mother.

On the outside of the tent we posted the picture of Mom and Dad that we had made in Laos so that everyone who arrived, knew that they were at the right place.

Thanks to Arthur's brothers for most of these pictures because we were too cold and too busy to take pictures that day.